About Us

7 Cities Gaming League is Virginia's First eSports League. We are focused on developing video gamers young and old for the amazing opportunities that are now available, from large tournament winnings, college full rides and scholarships, and pro player jobs.  Our gaming facility affectionately called "the Dojo" is where we play, train and win.  As we develop our skills we show how these skills translate into career opportunities.  We allow membership from players anywhere around the world.  We want to provide all gamer the chance to grow in a fostering environment with the possibility for sponsored travel and career growth.


We help local gamers build their following and presence by creating gamer show cases, providing championship titles and prize money to add to their repertoire, and by providing support in pro training and PR.



The league is committed to developing large scale e sports tournaments providing quality, exciting and engaging events that appeals to everyone.  We believe we can help make e sports the largest entertainment venues in our area. 

Grow The E Sports Industry

We will grow the e sports market by providing entertaining competitions both large and small that appeal to the whole family, and by creating jobs and supporting gamer careers. 

Youth League

7 Cities Gaming League welcomes kids.  We help kids socialize and engage through the power of video games.  Whether kids are interested in just having fun or looking to develop an esports career we are here for them.  We also help with locating esports varsity scholarships and college opportunities.  Youth can attend our Summer Camp, compete in local competitions as well as travel to major sporting events with the team.  Youth practices twice a week during the summer and twice a month during the school year.  There are multiple tournament opportunities every month all year round. 

Adult Team

Our adult team is here to provide Hampton Roads with a regional esports team.  Our team is for everyone and we strive to be a source of pride for our area.  7 Cities Team competes locally, nation wide, and hopefully internationally.  We have players competing in most major titles.  Contact us today if you are interested in representing Hampton Roads, Virginia in competition.  

Call of Duty

League of Legends


Tekken 7 / Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat / Naruto / DBZ


Mario Kart



Smash Bros

UFC/FIFA/Madden/WWE/ Rocket League


Counter Strike

and more

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Interested in promoting your business through eSports?  Want your brand represented by the team or have a title tournament?  Call or email today. 


Interested in Volunteering, shoutcasting, announcing, commentating events, or streaming?  Fill out a volunteer form today and we'll get you on the team.