After School Team Training


Our Kids trained all summer; we keep them sharp with after school and prepare them to compete in fall master tournaments.



First youth must show proof of no homework, or completion of homework.  Otherwise they must complete assignments before any training or free play.  Twice a week the youth will have to continue their training in python and javascript coding.  Youth will be training for the following majors: Final round, DreamHack, Nekocon, CEO Show, WinterBrawl, Combo Breaker, Pax East, and more.  Youth team will have multiple opportunities to win money in our Dojo tournaments as well as traveling across the country to major competitions.  


Kids can learn streaming and computer hardware and software.      

After school is $50 a week.  Pick up and drop service may be available depending on location.  Call 757-277-6286 for more details.   

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