Youth eSports league

Win Cash Prizes

Unlike other youth leagues, our kids must prepare for major competition from the start.  Currently eSports doesn't care about your age, only if you can play the game.  That's why we let our kids compete just like the adults as adults will be there competition. Most eSports competitions offer cash prizes.  There are tournaments every month.


Youth league trains in person twice a week during the summer and one-two times a month during the school year.  There are also online training sessions as well.  Whether the game is single player or moba, we train, fight and compete as a team.  When we leave the area for competition we make sure to support one another in battle.  We give it all we got to represent the 7 Cities.  

eSports Careers

We help the youth to understand what to do and what to expect going into a professional eSports career.  Whether looking to be a streamer, pro player, or trying to make it on a pro team we will provide mentorship and guidance to help in any pursuits. 

College Opportunities

Many universities across the nation and around the world are cultivating varsity eSports teams and offering college scholarships to compete.  In some cases full ride scholarships to play the games you love.  We make sure students are aware of the growing opportunities and are properly prepared to meet them.  

Join in 3 Easy Steps

7 Cities has outdoor tournament capabilities and will come to your party, gathering, promotion or event and throw a personal tournament on a 15 ft screen.